About Us

A little known music history fact occurred in the 1960’s when two famous musicians teamed up with The Blind Onion to form America’s first all sight-impaired band. Each member brought a unique sound to the mix, but the trio was short lived due to The Blind Onion’s annoying habit of reducing the audience to tears even during the upbeat songs. The other musicians left to become music legends, but The Blind Onion carried on with life a few peels short of his once happy self.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, The Blind Onion drifted in and out of jobs and relationships like so many wounded vegetables of his time.

Then, in 1996, The Blind Onion, after a brief stint waiting tables in a French Soup Bistro, settled in Portland, Oregon, where he opened the Blind Onion Pizza & Pub near the corner of NE 33rd & Broadway. This was to be the first of many such openings.

This incredibly unique spot was once home to the likes of the Cubby Hole—a 1930’s bar, The Blind Onion—a restaurant, Weird Old Harold’s—a knick-knack shop, and most recently General’s Pizza. No longer a vegetable without respect, the Blind Onion has made a name for himself in the Portland/Vancouver pizza world. Although he never became a music legend, the Blind Onion found his path to happiness. This path lead to a simple but profound combination: a delicious pizza, cold micro-brews and a close friend that still sheds a tear, even during the upbeat songs.